Are You Seeking A One Stop IT Provider?

Need Computer Help’s list of partnerships below outlines the exceptional range of IT services we can provide your business. Whether it is operating systems, software or hardware, we have an established partnership available to ensure your business is leveraging the latest technologies available.

About Need Computer Help

Need Computer Help was established in 1999 as an IT services company. While our service offering has evolved, our original mission has remained steadfast. We were founded to provide IT services with exceedingly strong customer service standards while striving for a creative and cost effective approach with each of our business solutions.

Today, we have almost 20 years of experience in the IT services business. Our diversity, experience and tenure in the IT business brings a unique perspective to provide effective and efficient solutions to our customers. We take a very direct approach when dealing with customer challenges to always ensure we are deploying a solution that meets the customer’s requirements and needs within a cost structure that is easily justifiable