Multi Office

Multi Office

Multi Office IT Solutions

Need Computer Help provides unique managed IT services for small to mid-sized business with multiple offices. Multi-office companies benefit greatly from being on our cloud services and these companies have been some of our greatest success stories.

Key Benefits to Multi Office Companies

  • Staff utilizes our cloud-based remote desktop solution from any office, home office, customer site, or while traveling.
  • VPNs, emailing files back and forth, screen shadowing software, and other cumbersome file sharing systems are eliminated.
  • All staff works seamlessly in the cloud remote desktop system for seamless file sharing, collaboration, and application sharing.
  • IT Support is centralized to our helpdesk so staff in different locations all receive the same service from our support team familiar with their system.
  • Local server infrastructure is eliminated or minimized reducing capital expenditures and maintenance complexity.

Key Features

  • Applications such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Sage and others are installed on the remote desktop system.
  • All users access the remote desktop system from a simple shortcut on their desk.
  • System maintenance and support is managed centrally by Need Computer Help.
  • Helpdesk support for staff is provided via phone and email at the staff’s convenience.
  • Files are shared seamlessly between each office location.