Law Firms

Law Firms

Law Firm IT Solutions

Need Computer Help provides businesses in the law industry leading managed IT services. It allows attorneys to consolidate all document management, legal file management, and document composition into our cloud-based remote desktop system accessible from the office, home, client location, or even the courtroom.

Key Benefits to Law Firms

  • Attorneys within a law firm all work centrally which facilitates centralized document management.
  • Attorneys have access to cutting edge file and case management software for increased efficiency in working with many clients simultaneously.
  • Need Computer Help support staff is immediately available to assist with any questions or problems keeping the attorney focused on client results.
  • Law firms have confidence that client data is safely and securely stored in our enterprise level data center environment.

Key Features

  • Documents are centrally managed within our cloud services system utilizing commercially available legal file management systems.
  • Microsoft Office and other file publishing software is managed centrally on the cloud remote desktop system.
  • Attorneys have access to all legal documents from any location including main office, satellite office, client location, and even the courtroom.
  • Attorneys working with large documents are able to utilize cloud platform for superior document management, enterprise-grade backup systems, and higher redundancy for stability.

Attorneys have direct access to the Need Computer Help support team for any and all questions that arise with a quick response to keep the attorney productive. Contact us today for a customized IT solution for your law firm.