Government IT Solutions

Government IT Solutions

Need Computer Help provides local and state government IT solutions enabling efficient and budget oriented operations.


Benefits of Government IT Solutions

  • Our government IT solutions are provided at a fixed annual or monthly cost to ensure we maintain annual budget approvals.
  • Cloud IT Services often bring flexibility and benefit to government offices to ensure a robust and stable solution without significant capital expense.
  • Need Computer Help support staff is immediately available to assist with any questions or problems keeping the office focused on operations.
  • Government offices have confidence that data is safely and securely stored through a vendor with thorough knowledge of local and state government operations.

Key Features

  • Managed IT Services are delivered to all government office staff members with dependable solutions and reliable responses.
  • Utilization of common technologies such as digital court recording systems, law enforcement mobile systems, clerk software packages, and many more.
  • We have a thorough understanding of local and state government budgeting and approval processes to meet office requirements.
  • We are a one stop government IT solution provider that simplifies the need to source multiple vendors for different aspects of the local and state government office operations.