Accounting Firm IT Solutions

Need Computer Help provides industry leading managed IT services for CPA firms and bookkeeping companies to utilize QuickBooks in our hosted environment via cloud services and offer QuickBooks hosting to customers of the firm.

Key Benefits of self-hosting QuickBooks

  • Customer and accountant can both maintain the QuickBooks file at the same time.
  • Sending QuickBooks files back and forth between customer and accountant is eliminated.
  • No more accountant copies and locked QuickBooks periods for the customer.
  • Customer retention for accountants is greater with customer hosted QuickBooks.
  • Customers are maintained on the latest version of QuickBooks and all customers are standard.

Key Features

Accounting firm utilizes a cloud-based remote desktop to access all customer QuickBooks files, Microsoft Office, tax software, and other applications utilized within the organization.

  • Accountants have access to all customer QuickBooks files through a shared folder on the cloud environment.
  • Accountant’s login to a cloud-based remote desktop system with a simple icon on their local desktop.
  • Customers also have a login to the cloud system but their login is very restricted where they can only access QuickBooks and only see their individual company file.
  • Customers log in to a cloud-based remote desktop system