Loss of Data: Causes and Prevention

    Loss of Data: Causes and Prevention   The adoption of technology from the simplest of matters to the most complex problems has rendered us heavily dependent on it. We love paying our bills minutes before they are due. We enjoy seeing loved ones face-to-face on our... read more

Be Proactive: How to Avoid Potential Network Failures

    Be Proactive: How to Avoid Potential Network Failures   For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), an IT network failure can be devastating because they don’t have the resources of large corporations to bounce back from such disasters. Preparation against... read more

It is Heaven! Using the Cloud to Challenge Big Business

    It is Heaven! Using the Cloud to Challenge Big Business   Has anyone suggested you begin moving your business to the cloud? Cloud data storage or cloud computing? What is this, anyway? And isn’t it something for huge companies?   In the last post we... read more
Memorial Day 2018 IT Service Schedule

Memorial Day 2018 IT Service Schedule

May each of our partners and colleagues have an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day 2018.  Memorial Day 2018 will be a special occasion for each of us to spend some family time together during the quick break.  One of our traditions as a company is to take Memorial Day... read more

Humans cause so much trouble

    Have you been focusing on software packages and anti-virus tools to protect your data from hacking? That may not be enough, because it overlooks one of the biggest causes of security breaches. All of the security software and expertise in the world is useless if... read more

The most boring topic Ever

    Yes, today’s blog is about office phone systems. You have one. They are dull, necessary, and no one wants to deal with them. They need to be re-configured for new employees, they’re confusing, and the telco lines probably cost you more money than you’d... read more

The Cloud: what do you get?

    The cloud refers to using off site computing resources and storage to supplement or even replace the use of on-site/in-house resources. Instead of buying hardware and software to support your business, you are basically outsourcing this set of tasks.There are 4... read more

What the cloud means for you–Part II

    Recently, we talked about ways the cloud brings value, business protection, and economies of scale to the smaller firm that they could never achieve by themselves. Today, we look at a final benefit of the cloud.Protection against on-site disaster – If a... read more
Office Manager – We Are Hiring!

Office Manager – We Are Hiring!

We are hiring an Office Manager!  See below for details on job description, responsibilities, and skills required. Office Manager Job Description Are you looking for a position with an active team working together in a dynamic environment? We are a rapidly growing... read more

The Cloud means no more stormy weather

     Many small firms are pretty busy handling their own business, and don’t give much thought to what they would do if a natural disaster from a bad snowstorm to much worse hit their physical location and cut power, or physical access to the building. What if the... read more