Success Stories

Success Stories

Bookkeeping Firm

Houston area bookkeeping firm selected Need Computer Help cloud services to centralize and host a QuickBooks platform for staff and customers to access QuickBooks in a central location.

Our system has allowed this bookkeeping firm to grow to a sizeable staff of bookkeepers and accountants across multiple cities and multiple states. All staff accesses one centralized QuickBooks system where company files are stored in a safe and secure environment and all company files are maintained on the same version of QuickBooks.

End customers of the bookkeeping firm also login to the cloud-based system. Upon login, the end customer may only access their company file and QuickBooks is the only application available. The end customer is able to seamlessly open QuickBooks, perform data entry functions, run financial reports, and gain access to other QuickBooks functionality through a simple to use cloud shortcut.

Need Computer Help provides all QuickBooks technical support to the accountants and end customers. This has alleviated the need of the bookkeeping firm to provide advanced QuickBooks support when issues arise.

Bookkeepers and end customers are no longer sharing files, sending accountants copies, or dealing with the complexities of different QuickBooks versions. Everything is managed centrally through our cloud system. Customer retention for the bookkeeper is also improved with the QuickBooks system hosted through the bookkeeping firm.

Multi Office Law Firm

A multi-office law firm selected Need Computer Help cloud services to centralize and host all legal file applications, Microsoft Office, document management, and Hosted Exchange in a central location.

This law firm was maintaining a physical server in their main corporate office with VPN connections to each satellite office in different cities and states. Staff in the satellite offices were mapping network drives through the VPN connection back to the server in the main office for document access.

The nature of this firm’s business produces documents well over 100 pages in length. To quote the partner attorney in the Houston office, “I would open the Word document and get a cup of coffee while it loaded through the VPN. When it was time to save the document, I would click save and go get another cup of coffee.” While their files were stored centrally and shareable throughout the company, the inefficiency introduced with the VPN file share was a significant damper to productivity.

The law firm migrated to Need Computer Help’s cloud platform which centralized all documents into our remote desktop system. Under this system, Word runs in the cloud which avoids having to “download” the document to the local computer for modification.

The 100 page Word documents now open almost immediately for all staff regardless of the location. All files are still stored centrally but accessible through remote desktop from any office regardless of whether it is the corporate office or a satellite office. Need Computer Help support staff is available to answer questions and resolve issues for the firm regardless of office location.

International Manufacturing Company

A Houston-based manufacturing company selected Need Computer Help to rebuild local office network, revamp local servers, and provide remote desktop services to staff in Houston and abroad servicing customers on projects.

The manufacturing company had an older server installed in the office section of their manufacturing facility. This server was primarily used as a file server and domain controller for users in the local office. They were also running a local Microsoft Exchange server for email functions. Mobile staff working on customer projects were primarily utilizing files stored on laptops but they had no coordinated access back to the main office for application or file sharing.

Need Computer Help migrated their email from the onsite Exchange server to Hosted Exchange. Hosted Exchange provides greater redundancy and reliability versus an onsite Exchange implementation. Microsoft Exchange provides the most reliable commercial email platform available. This migration modernized their email platform from the older onsite Exchange system.

Core applications including a custom developed application for managing business operations were migrated to a cloud remote desktop system. This allowed users to access the custom software, Microsoft Office, Sage accounting system, and other miscellaneous software and data from the main office or while working onsite for a customer project.

Subsequently, this manufacturing company has established operations in Europe to provide more local support for European based customers. The European operations are utilizing the Need Computer Help cloud-based remote desktop and Hosted Exchange solution. This gives seamless access to staff in Houston and Europe for managing business operations on globally based projects.