Cloud Services


Is Your Business Implementing Cloud Services?

With technology being a fast paced and constantly evolving industry, cloud services is an essential component for businesses to have. Employees are no longer sitting at one office cubicle for eight hours a day, five days a week. Work environments are gradually becoming on-the-go with multiple locations, and business people are operating from their computers at home, office, and coffee shops.

Cloud Computing Defined

Cloud computing is the practice of using a remote server to store, process, or manage data versus using a local computer for storing, processing or managing the same data. The remote server is accessed through the internet from your local computer.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services consolidate all applications and data into a highly redundant cloud-based system operated by Need Computer Help.  Whether a business operates in multiple offices, has satellite employees, or just needs to log in remotely, remote desktop services ensure all applications and data are available anywhere an internet connection is present.  Remote desktop services eliminate office based servers, simplify a business’s infrastructure requirements, and lower IT capital expenses significantly.

Hosted Exchange Email

Hosted Exchange Email provides email service on Microsoft’s corporate email platform.  Exchange email offers much greater synchronization, backup, and availability of email, calendars, and contacts versus other email platforms such as IMAP and POP.  Need Computer Help’s email platform ensures greater redundancy versus office-based mail servers and our helpdesk services ensure email questions are answered much more timely versus mass Hosted Exchange email providers.

Custom Cloud Solutions

Custom Cloud Solutions offer a tailored solution.  Many times these solutions will include web servers, ASP.Net environments, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Distributed File System (DFS), and Linux based systems.  These solutions may be tailored within a remote desktop system or include Hosted Exchange services or they may be complete customized solutions for a specific business requirement.  Custom Cloud Solutions will generally include Helpdesk and support services which positions us to offer a turnkey cloud-based solution.

Helpdesk Services

Helpdesk services provide staff real-time help with IT questions and issues when they arise.  Need Computer Help provides telephone and email based helpdesk support to all cloud customers are part of our solution.  With a cloud-based system, most IT support does not require an onsite service call to the business.  This allows us to provide help on a much more real-time basis as we have consolidated support within our cloud environment.

Do You Need Cloud Help?

If you’re looking to upgrade your business to cloud services, Need Computer Help is here for you!Contact our technical staff today–they are versed in many different cloud solutions so, they can find the best one for you.

We offer cloud support for customers in Houston and surrounding areas, and across the country.