Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Is your data backed up?

Many businesses we encounter do not have adequate backups.  One business thinks the backups are functional. In reality, the backups are not working.  Another business does not have an offsite disaster recovery plan. Some businesses know the backups are not working.  The scenarios are endless.

Data is an asset

The data for a business is one of the business’s most valuable assets especially in a service business without a large asset base.  The data contains the intellectual property, financials, contracts, employment agreements, etc. for a business.  It should be treated as a valuable asset and protected accordingly.

Cloud Backup Services

Need Computer Help’s cloud services ensures data is backed up correctly.  Our enterprise grade backup systems utilize technology not feasible to on-premise networks to perform seamless backups and ensure data is stored offsite from our data center environment on a timed basis.

On-Premise Backup Services

Need Computer Help’s implements several industry leading solutions for on-premise backups.  These range from backup devices where the customer maintains rotating data offsite to cloud-based appliances that automate onsite backups and replicating to an offsite cloud environment.

Data Recovery Services

Have you lost critical data?  Need Computer Help can restore data from failed desktops, laptops, and servers. Need Computer Help even offers extreme data recovery services for a failed hard drive. Our data recovery specialists utilize a clean room environment to carefully extract data from failed drives and the data is returned on a restored drive for continued use.

Get Your Data Protected

Need Computer Help can help your business backup and recover your computer’s data. If you need reliable data recovery services, call us today.